About Janis Williams

Janis WilliamsJanis Williams has a BS in English Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing. She has been a teacher, writer, and editor for twenty-five years. As enumerated elsewhere on this site, she’s published in numerous magazines. She writes for the Web and for radio. She writes ad copy, fiction, feature articles. She writes, or coaches others to write, memoirs.

She combines these pursuits with editing projects on a contract basis.

Insofar as possible, she tries to complete one project before beginning another, especially those of an encompassing nature.

Separate from, but related to, the pursuits above, Williams reads. She loves books, and delights in sharing ideas about what she and friends are reading.

In 1987, Janis Williams and friends launched a literary reading series in Corpus Christi. Called the Corpus Christi Literary Reading Series, the grassroots 501(C)3 organization has hosted such eminent American writers as John Updike, Larry McMurtry, Grace Paley, Ann Beattie, Richard Ford, George Plimpton, Lee Smith, Sue Miller, and many others. Visit the CCLRS Web site to learn more about this unusual series, and join us!

Austin is full of writers and artists and, in our attempt to “bring literature back to the living room,” we have initiated an informal literary reading series called Austin Authors In-House. Guests have included Sarah Bird, Jim Magnuson, Karen Stolz, Bret Anthony Johnston, Steve Harrigan, John Burnett, and a number of others. E-mail Jan if you’d like to know more.

Janis Williams lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband. They have a son, Edward.